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National Electronics Repairing LLC

Your perfect solution for home appliances repair!

Who we are?

Located in Dubai, UAE, National Electronics specializes in the repair and servicing of a wide range of household appliances. From essential kitchen equipment such as microwaves, fridges, gas cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, to dryers, we handle it all.

Our commitment is to provide prompt and efficient service, whether it’s at your home or office. We understand the inconvenience caused when a vital appliance malfunctions, especially in the scorching heat of Dubai. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to swiftly addressing your needs and restoring functionality to your appliances.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. Once you reach out to us for repair assistance, you can trust that our professionals will promptly arrive at your doorstep and resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Our services are available round the clock because we prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of our customers above all else.

Home Maintenance Services we Offer in Dubai UAE

Why Choose Us?

At National Electronics, we specialize in the repair and overhaul of a wide range of household machines, ensuring that your appliances function smoothly and efficiently. From essential kitchen gadgets like microwaves, juicers, blenders, and mixers to entertainment systems such as audio and video setups, as well as laundry essentials like washers and dryers, our expert technicians possess the skills and knowledge to address both minor hiccups and major issues with ease.

Highly Trained Staff

With highly professional and skilled workers, we have the ability to restore almost every kind of home appliance

Quick Service

With amazing efficiency and teamwork, we are capable of getting the job done in a matter of hours

Best Prices

Get the desired results with our services at reasonable prices.

Guaranteed Satisfaction​

Satisfaction of the client is our top priority for over the years which helped us grow in many ways

  •  We have the customer service focus of a small local business.
  •  We have all the necessary support and resources required to carry all maintenance and cleaning jobs.
  • We also have relationships with associated industries to keep us at the leading edge of new processes and technologies.
  • Our comprehensive screening process ensures your business will be serviced by the most trustworthy and qualified people.
  • Training is always ongoing and our training methods themselves are also under constant development as we take advantage of the latest innovations.
  • On-site supervisors frequently and closely monitor the quality of our work to make sure your task list is completed the same way every time.
  •  If a sub contractor is used for specific task (i.e. wood polishing, or any major electrical or plumbing job, we assure proper safety training is performed and proper insurances are carried by the sub contractor.
  • On-going training ensures safe and proper methodology is always being used and introduces new methods/processes and technologies.
  • Prevents missed service dates Accurately reflects time spent in account to help eliminate abbreviates services.
  • Safety, compliance and training.
  • The health, safety and welfare of our customers, employees and the communities we serve are paramount. Our ongoing dedication to safety is an integral part of our daily operations.
  • We maintain liability and workers compensation insurance requirements. We strictly adhere to all local UAE government safety regulations, where applicable.
  • Thorough and ongoing technician training programs ensure proper use of equipment and application of products we emphasize risk avoidance. Employees are given Material Safety Data sheets training.
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